• “Lord Buddha was born in Nepal"
div>A trek is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. Nepal’s geographical conditions make for some of the most exciting and breathtaking the world has to offer Nepal is truly one of the worlds beautiful countries not just in nature but in its culture and verity of the ethnic groups inhabit it. Compared to trekking in other Himalayan countries like India Pakistan, Nepal offers better serviced trekking routs making trekking for you easy and comfortable for you. Though if you are not inclined to stay in teahouse and want a more wild experience are limitless opportunities for camping and fully self supported  remote trekking in Nepal?
Trekking in Nepal has captured the imagination of mountaineers   and explores from more than 100 years. The lifestyle and habits of the inhabitants of the mountain regions has not changed for generations the village people offer a huge sense of hospitality and welcome to trekkers and mountaineers alike, its often from the people that trekkers take their fondest memories. It is not complicated or expensive to trek in Nepal. One of the biggest parts of our trekking experience is your guide. Your Nepali will be everything to you along the trek and for most people lifelong friendship are formed with guides and the guide’s families Nepal. 
Of course Nepal also offers the highest mountains in the world. Mountains like Sagarmatha, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri are Major attractions for trekkers coming to Nepal. Trekking in Nepal gives you the chance to walk amongst these giants and in some cases to the very foot of them, where you truly will be exhilarated. Not only are there mountains in Nepal, but a diverse range of flora and funa.many people Nepal’s trekking regions are encompassed by national parks leopard. Any trek in Nepal will involve walking through diverse forests, from sub tropical to alpine as well as different environments, like barren mountain landscape, lush alpine meadows and rocky snow covered passes not to mention the ice falls,glsciers, high altitude and frozen Lakes what more could you want from a trekking holiday, If you have the time and are planning on a trekking holiday, Nepal is a must destination for you.